Understanding Bard GeothermaI Heat Pumps Closed Loop vs. An Open Loop.


,Mark Grant have had over 24 years experience and  trained in part by Howard Grant my Father, to install and service and inspect for best practices the installation and operation of the Water source Heat Pumps.

It was our committment to excellence in this field that has earned me the reputation of expert with geothermal which is actually consider Water Source or Earth source Heat Pumps. Earlier discussions for the topic found those engineers splitting hairs over how to referr to geothermal vs ground source heat pumps. Geothermal referred to the heat in the earth as you would find around Yellow Stone guizers  being piped directly to systems in a home.

Water source is a clean non evasive way to draw heat from the earth and put the water back into the ground. The water contacts the plumbing and inside of the heat exchanger but does not come in contact with any pollution or our air. It is pumped back into a drain field to be re- absorbed into the ground. This drain field is not tied to the home drain field and therefore is not adding to or creating any ground water contamination.

To use an open loop system means to use water directly from the ground and then discharge it . I only suggest discharging to the ground back to where it came. I have had home owners discharge to a pond to help the eco system there or use it for irrigation. The water in the summer is a bit warmer and is not as shocking to plants as 50 degree water, therefore it is a much better way to sprinkle and cool the home and has a lower carbon footprint than using a closed loop. A closed loop has to run longer due to loop temps and therefore is not as efficient as open loop even with the cost of running a well.

I choose Bard Heat Pumps because of the long history my father and I have had with them. There are systems that have een in operation for more than 25 years and still doing well dispite water quality issues in these homes. Bard has been a great work horse for my customers and I put my faith in them.

In closing, I believe many people are oversold the closed loops. It has been our experience the closed loop is needed only when adequate water is not available. Clean well practice and proper plumbing can handle most problems with water quality.

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Earth-friendly energy that’s friendly on your budget.
Since the early 1980s, Bard has been on the leading edge of the design and manufacturing of geothermal heat pumps, providing smart consumers with a safe, renewable and plentiful fuel source to heat and cool their homes. The best part is, while Bard GeoTec™ Heat Pumps are saving energy, they’re also saving our customers money. The combination of Bard quality and year-round energy savings makes Bard GeoTec heat pumps the natural choice for your home comfort system.
Land on the system that works for you.
Geothermal technology harnesses the ground’s consistent temperature to keep your home comfortable year round at a lower cost. Bard GeoTec heat pumps can be installed in a variety of configurations, depending on your particular needs and the conditions of your property.
An Open Loop System is for you if:
• You have a readily available source of ground water such as a lake or well
• The water source has adequate capacity to support the system
• How it works – open pipes draw water in and discharge it, exchanging heat A Closed Loop System is for you if:
• There is no readily available water source
• How it works – circulates a water and antifreeze solution through a closed loop of pipe A Vertical Loop is for you if:
• Space is limited A Pond Loop is for you if:
• The body of water has sufficient depth
• The pond is close to the house A Horizontal or Slinky Loop is for you if:
• Land area is sufficient – about 1/4 to 3/4 acre is usually enough for the average sized home