Heat Pump Service and Installation

Heat Pumps are a technology that has been around for many years. It takes combination of many simple laws of physics to transfer heat from one source to another. Geo thermal uses the ground source heat at an average 50 degrees in Michigan and extracts and moves heat into your home or out of your home in cooling. It transfers the heat at a rate of 4 to one and better. In other words it cost one dollar for 4 dollars of heat. Great investment!  Air source Heat Pumps transfer heat from outdoors to indoor with freon and a compressor and this is done at a rate of one dollar for 2,3 or 4 dollars depending on the temp out doors and the efficiency of the Heat Pump.

Mark Grant worked under his Father Howard Grant at Ace Heating and Cooling for more than 20 years and Howard Grant helped lead the Muskegon Area into Heat Pumps starting in the 70's with both Air Source and Water source Heat Pumps. Since the early 80's they have installed, service and maintained many Bard systems through out Muskegon area. 100 % of them until recent have been open loops. The advntage to open loops over a closed loop is the capacity of a system using 50 degree water is much better than that of a closed loop at 30 to 32 which is harder on a compressor. 50 degree well water is much more consistant. Putting it back in the ground with a drain field avoids waste and contamination of the water also. The systems Howard and mark installed and serviced at Ace last an average of 25 years and longer.