Supreme Air Conditioner Contract

Lay away  service and replacement program for the budget minded homeowner who would like to plan ahead.

Heating service lay away plan Plan

Part Number: Heating service/replacement plan

The Mr Heat and Cool Premium Furnace Service and replacement program will allow you to budget from 1 to 4 years to replace your furnace with a premium 95 % two stage variable speed furnace while maintaining the current furnace with a service program that will warranty all but the heat exchanger on your current furnace. If heat exchanger should fail prior to your ending payment you may apply the account toward the purchase of a new furnace with Mr Heat and Cool's Comfortmaker brand premium 95% furnace 2 stage variable speed or lesser standard blower model if desired.

While you are making your layaway payments be assured Mr Heat and Cool is there to provide service on the existing furnace and keep it running while you are investing in the future your hard earned dollars. Be assured that the money is being placed in an escrow account to have only the funds removed to pay for services provided. The account will not be used for any other purpose than for your equipment care and eventual purchase. In the event any unfortunate occurance leads to the non availability of my performing my duties or having someone take care in my absence, I will insure the return of your funds. The account will have a secondary recievership of the owner of the account as the home owner who is purchasing as the account owner and the account and it's interest will only be tansfered to Mr Heat and Cool as work is done.

One year program 325.67 per month for 12 months for a total of $3,908.00

Two year program $167.38 per month for 24 months for total of $4,017.00

Three year program $ 115.28 per month for 36 months for a total of $4,150.00

Four year program $ 89.25 per month for 48 months for a total of $4284.00

Up Grade to a Frigidaire 97% Modulating Furnace with variable speed For an additional $450.00 Added to payments in equal amounts or a lump some at time of purchase.