Wood Boilers

While I am not a Hardy wood boiler dealer yet, I highly reccomend them. I have a friend with one and their boiler is second to none in their warranty, customer service and quality. I would be proud to install one for any one . I recommend you purchase through me or talk direct to the manufacture.  http://hardyheater.com/   

munchkin boiler replacement

Part Number: munchkin boiler

  • Munchkin is a very reliable boiler when piped properly and vented properly. But on Lp Gas you shouldlook at adding a Hardy wood unit.

The newest in modulating boiler technology brings the Munchkin into the world of real players when it comes to efficiency.

Hardy 120 Standard (H2) Kit - Hardy 180 Standard (H4) Kit - (Domestic Hot Water Coil)

*Kit Includes:

  • Furnace

  • Inbound Freight (MS to VA)

  • 009 Stainless Steel Pump

  • 18x18 Heat Exchanger - 120,000 BTU

  • 50 Ft 2-1" and 2 3/4 Underground Line

  • Relay

  • Digital Thermostat

  • Hardy Fittings for Installation